Wednesday In-Depth

Wednesday, November 15

7:30-9 am

Registration Opens – Networking in the exhibit area


9-10:15 am

Hospitality as a Marketing Tool – Gus Gutierrez, Biggs Property Management

The connection between hospitality and property management is not that far off. In fact, both industries share very similar characteristics ranging from first impressions and follow-up, to personalized customer service. You don’t have to break the bank emulating a hotel experience either. Join me for a discussion on how you can adopt traits from the hotel industry as marketing tools that will build loyalty and referrals with your residents.

Body Language and Unconscious Bias – Mary Manuel, Cinnaire

Body language (non-verbal communication) is one way we promote how we are perceived at work and home. There are times when we send mixed messages – saying one thing, but our body language reveals something completely different. This non-verbal language affects how we act and react to others, and how they react to us. People make sweeping judgments and inferences based on body language, called unconscious bias. Those judgments can predict meaningful life outcomes whether that be who we hire, promote, or even who our friends are.

In this session you will learn the brand you’re currently known for. Next, you will create a concise personal brand statement describing what or who you want to be known for. Finally, you will learn to help align your communication and actions with your desired perception. It can take very little time to adjust your non-verbal communications by rebranding yourself simply by being aware of how you want to be perceived.

Plumbing 101 – Part 1 of 2 – Brian Goldojarb, HD Supply

The most common service requests involves plumbing. During this course the plumbing system will be discussed starting from the water meter, following the supply line into the building, to where the water comes out of the fixture and down through the drain. We will also go over the installation of fixtures along with drain cleaning, safety and problem diagnosis of toilets.

Topics covered in this class:

  • Correct water pressure
  • The parts and operation of a water heater
  • Replacement or repair of a vanity or kitchen sink
  • Replace or repair a faucet
  • Use of common plumbing tools
  • Servicing, parts and troubleshooting a toilet
  • Proper techniques for servicing, cleaning and resetting a disposal
  • Health concerns while making plumbing repairs
  • Chemicals and their use in plumbing
  • Personal protective equipment

Hot Topics in Compliance – Matt Rayburn, Celia Ringle and Devyn Smith, IHCDA

An annual tradition returns! IHCDA compliance staff will discuss hot topics and pressing issues, allowing ample time for questions and answers. Topics will include both LIHTC and HOME compliance, as well as important IHCDA updates.

Good Drugs Gone Bad: How You Can Help Protect the Elderly from Medication Harm – Dr. Amy Peak, Butler University

In this interactive session, participants will learn about common prescription drug related problems in the elderly such as “polypharmacy” unintentional overdoses, and targeted diversion. We will discuss practical ways to identify problems and help clients (and loved ones) take steps to prevent harm.

TRUST: How to Make It Work – Jon Hocking, Art of Leadership Advisors

“Trust is the key to success in any relationship – business or personal.” Although we all know this statement to be true, why is it so difficult to put our finger on the key to building trust in our relationships? This interactive workshop will help you to clearly and succinctly define trust, assess your personal credibility, and identify specific action steps to take to build trust into even your most challenging relationships. Participants will learn that once trust is established, even the most difficult tasks become easier, faster, and more fun, saving time and money for the organization.

Accounting Related Session – ???, Dauby O’Connor & Zaleski, LLC

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10:15-10:30 am

Break! Networking in the exhibit area


10:30-11:30 am

Property Predicaments! A Story Problem Session for Managers, Agents and Owners – Kelly Hobson, Kimberly Hyde, Donna Shenk and Ashlee Cadman, USDA RD

This class will provide you with real life scenarios involving recertification, changes in tenant household circumstances and other situations that may arise in the day-to-day responsibilities of site managers and owners. Rural Development staff will walk through select story problems, offer discussion time from the audience and deliver the correct answers in responding to the issues based on regulation.

Preparing for a Management and Occupancy Review (MOR) – Evin Bond, Herman & Kittle Properties, Inc.

Don’t be afraid of your next Management and Occupancy Review! This session is intended to provide detailed information about the MOR readiness process.

Plumbing 101 – Part 2 of 2 – Brian Goldojarb, HD Supply


My Application was Successful … What Now? – Matt Rayburn, Alan Rakowski and Matt Harris, IHCDA

A panel of IHCDA staff will discuss what happens after you receive a reservation of Low-Income Housing Tax Credits. Topics will include the carryover agreement, 10% test, semi-annual progress reports, progress inspections, final applications and issuance of 8609s.

Interview and Deception Training – Shawn Bain and Michael N. Powell, Global Drug Concepts, LLC

How much do you really know about what someone is saying or behaviors they are exhibiting? Attendees of this course will walk away with a newfound knowledge in the art of interviewing and reading deception that can be applied to the workplace and home.

Active Shooter Preparedness – Gregory Howard, US Department of Homeland Security

This session, including managers and employees, to assist them in preparing to respond to an active shooter situation.
The presentation will include:

An overview of the characteristics of an Active Shooter:

  • A discussion on the actions to take when confronted with an active shooter and responding law enforcement officials
  • Information on materials and references available to enhance Active Shooter preparedness and response efforts

Planning for the New Partnership Audit Rules – Phil Kirkendall and Matt McKinnon, Clark Schaefer Hackett

Ensure you’re prepared for the new partnership audit rules that go into effect January 1, 2018. Clark Schaefer Hackett’s Phil Kirkendall and Matt McKinnon will discuss how to plan for these changes that are likely to impact tax credit partnerships.

11:30 am-12:30 pm

Lunch, exhibitor/sponsor introductions, AHAIN business meeting and scholarship presentation, Affordable Housing National Update by Colleen Fisher, Council for Affordable and Rural Housing


 12:30-2 pm

Keynote Presentation – Jimmy Wayne – Walk to Beautiful: The Power of Love and a Homeless Kid Who Found the Way

Jimmy Wayne is a former foster kid turned award-winning country recording artist whose songs and story highlight his mission to raise awareness for children in foster care. Jimmy’s hits include “Stay Gone,” “Paper Angels,” “I Love You This Much” and “Do You Believe Me Now,” which earned BMI’s prestigious Million-Air Award marking one million radio spins in America. In 2009, Jimmy toured with Brad Paisley and recorded “Sara Smile” with Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame duo Daryl Hall and John Oates.

In 2010, Jimmy walked halfway across America (from Nashville to Phoenix) to raise awareness for kids aging out of the foster-care system. In 2012, Jimmy helped get legislative bills passed extending the age of foster care to 21 in California, Tennessee, North Carolina and Ohio. In 2014, he released Walk to Beautiful: The Power of Love and a Homeless Kid Who Found the Way, a three-time New York Times bestselling memoir which quickly crossed the 100,000 print sales milestone. In 2016, he received the prestigious Points of Light award from President George W. Bush, and in 2017 he received an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from William Woods University.

Jimmy has performed on the Grand Ole Opry more than 215 times. He lives in Nashville and continues to work tirelessly on behalf of at-risk foster youth by performing, writing books, and keynote speaking. Jimmy’s ultimate goal is to build transitional homes for youth who age out of foster care without a place to live.

Jimmy’s third book, Ruby the Foster Dog, will release November 1 on BroadStreet Publishing.

2-2:15 pm

Break! Networking in exhibit area


2:15-3:45 pm

7 CFR 3560 Regulatory Compliance & Safe Guards (Discussion of Unnumbered Letters) – Bill Hacker, Sylvia Rhinehart, Amy Koch and Brenda Shaffer, USDA RD

Unnumbered Letters are issued to clarify regulation/instructions on particular subject matter. The unnumbered letters we will be sharing with you in this session addresses project operational expenses which impact proposed budgets and year-end actual report values and the Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plans; in addition, if time permits, there will be clarification on MINC issues. This is one session you don’t want to miss this year!!

TRACS 203A Update – Part 1 of 2 – Nicole Scott, RightTracs

The current version of TRACS, 202D, is being upgraded to 203A in order for HUD to accept data from Multifamily Housing (MFH) business partners that complies with updated policies and procedures. This session is being offered to prepare users for the updates that will be made to the TRACS system with TRACS Release 203A. We will cover all updates to MAT Tenant and Voucher/Payment System Record files as well as highlight applicable policy changes (as detailed in the TRACS Release 203A Industry Specifications). Please note that we will not cover the submission process or how these changes appear in various property management software systems; instead we will summarize the substantive changes that will be implemented with TRACS Release 203A.

Heating with Gas and Electric – Part 1 of 2 – Brian Goldojarb, HD Supply

In this class, technicians will learn the hows and whys of heating systems. It’s designed to cover both electric and gas controls and how they work on air handler type systems. Controls on other types of systems can be discussed at the student’s request.

At the completion of this course the student can:

  • Install a Lock-out, Tag-out as necessary
  • Follow safe working practices to perform common heating repairs
  • Describe the operation of the standard electric and gas heating systems
  • Identify and describe the operation of standard components of heating systems
  • Understand problems associated with natural gas
  • Describe the movement and use of electricity to control and run heating systems
  • Understand the importance of preventative maintenance
  • Describe and identify dangers associated with carbon monoxide

HUD Utility Schedule Model Utility Allowance Method – Start to Finish – Anthony Phillips, Herman & Kittle Properties, Inc.

Tired of using the PHA Utility Allowance? Wish there was a way you could lower your utility allowance? You’re in luck! In this session, we will tackle a commonly avoided alternative utility allowance method, the HUD Utility Schedule Model. Participants will be walked through each step of the process, from gathering the local utility company rates to submitting the model to IHCDA for approval. It’s not as scary as it seems!

Note: We will be using an Indianapolis-based property as the sample property for the calculation, so if you have an Indianapolis property, there’s a good chance you’ll leave the session with the tools to lower your own utility allowance right away.

Drug Awareness: What if it Happens at Your Property – Shawn Bain and Michael N. Powell, Global Drug Concepts, LLC

A class specifically geared towards property managers and on-site staff. Attendees of this course will learn more about the warning indicators pre-rent, indicators of drug activity and stash houses and recognizing when there is drug dealing occurring on your premises. Walk away with a knowledge on how to spot drugs in your communities and the proper authorities to contact.

The Language of Leadership: Transforming Complaint to Commitment – Denise Stein, Art of Leadership Advisors

The Language of Leadership is an interactive workshop that enables participants to reveal the commitment that lies behind complaints and teaches them how to use that knowledge as a powerful leadership tool. Equipped with this knowledge and insight, participants will identify their leadership styles and learn how to choose the most effective approach to overcome obstacles and accomplish goals.

Year 15: Getting Prepared for a Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Partnership – Chris Key, Novogradac & Company LLP

Year 15 planning for a low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) partnership starts even before the tax credit period is over. This session will briefly cover the alternative courses of action and exit strategies that are available for property owners when the 15-year compliance period comes to an end and how a LIHTC partnership can be better prepared. The session will also provide information on additional resources that can provide in depth information related to year 15.

3:45-4 pm

Break! Networking in the exhibit area


4-5 pm

LIHTC Jeopardy – Katie Vondra, Cinnaire

LIHTC Jeopardy will test both participant and the audience knowledge of LIHTC information in an interactive, friendly competition. The game will cover the not-so-basics of LIHTC and dig into various topics foundational to knowledge of the program. The game is played with two teams. A correct answer will also allow that team to select the topic of the following question. Like the game of Jeopardy, there are two rounds – daily doubles and final Jeopardy. Our version will focus primarily on LIHTC questions to best improve our collective knowledge, sprinkled with some pop culture trivia to add a bit of levity.

TRACS 203A Update – Part 2 of 2 – Nicole Scott, RightTracs


Heating with Gas and Electric – Part 2 of 2 – Brian Goldojarb, HD Supply


Let’s Talk About Supportive Housing – Matt Rayburn, IHCDA

Supportive housing is a proven method of ending homelessness through combining affordable housing with services. In this session, learn more about what supportive housing is and how supportive housing developments operate.

Physical Dependency, Addiction and Recovery – Shawn Bain and Michael N. Powell, Global Drug Concepts, LLC

In this course, attendees will receive training on recognizing the differences between dependency and addiction, the recovery process and how drugs affect the chemistry in the brain.

Key takeaways:

  • The knowledge to gauge drug use in residents at your properties
  • Understand what it looks like when they stop using

Leading a Culture that Attracts and Retains Talent – Stan Hannah, Plante Moran and Kelly Martin, Cinnaire

This session will challenge you to confront your assumptions about how to attract and retain talent. We will address the difficult questions about the steps to distinguish your company from the competition and create an environment that motivates people to bring passion and dedication to work every day. The discussion will also include the risk factors associated with leadership turnover and include a five-step action plan that leaders can implement to build a succession plan for the future.

Accounting Related Session – Rebekah Payne, MCM CPAs & Advisors

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5-6:30 pm

Denim and Diamonds Networking Reception, Live Entertainment and AHAIN Silent Auction


6:30 pm

Dinner on your own